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HOERNECKE TW1000 Bear Defender TW1000 - 225 ML

HOERNECKE TW1000 Bear Defender TW1000 - 225 ML
HOERNECKE TW1000 Bear Defender TW1000 - 225 ML
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TW1000 Bear Defender is one of the strongest pepper sprays for personal self-defense against wild animal attacks worldwide.

Fluorescent safety wedge with anti-loss protection

In serious situations, the device is fast and safe at hand, due to its practical handle with retaining ring. The fluorescent safety wedge allows a safe operation also in the dark.

Powerful, conical spray jet

The TW1000 Bear Defender generates a powerful spray jet with a range of up to 10 meters. The spray jet creates a conical expansion of the irritant, which makes it easier to hit moving targets. The cone-shaped spray pattern increases accuracy and leads to full irritation of the animals‘ eyes and respiratory organs. The risk of missing the wild animal due to inaccurate targeting is minimized.

Content: 225 ml

Spray pattern: powerful, conical spray jet

Range: up to 10 m

Dimensions: H 230 mm, Ø 52 mm

Weight: 253 g

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