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Brand: UMAREX Model: 2.6415
The original GLOCK 17 Gen4 enjoys an excellent reputation among the armed forces, special police departments, gendarmerie but also among many civilians.Its non-slip grip makes it a reliable service weapon even in rain. In addition, the backstrap is interchangeable so that the grip can be customized ..
Brand: ASG Model: 16090
This pistol is fully licensed by Steyr Mannlicher, Austria. The ergonomic grip, illuminated rear sight and waiver/picatinny accessory rail makes this pistol very comfortable with a lot of external upgrade possibilities. The 12g Co2 capsule is stored in the grip and is easily changed. With 140 m/s (4..
Brand: ASG Model: 19303
DescriptionCarried by the hardened gunfighter.Own a piece of firearm history, The CO2 powered Schofield Airsoft gun is an ultra-realistic replica of the famed revolver used by many of the great gunmen of the Old West. Dummy cartridges, each holding a single BB, are loaded in this top-break revolver...
Brand: CYBER GUN Model: 180531
A pistol made entirely of high quality metal. All buttons are functional, similar to the real weapon. It can be easily disassembled and assembled so that it can be cleaned. Like the real weapon, it has a design adapted for easy use and a handle designed for a good grip.The powerful recoil and the so..
Brand: ASG Model: 16720
The set includes: gun, charger, hex wrench, a bag of about 100 bb's, and manual instructiuni.See also: backup loaders (Code: 16719). Other info: sleeve ball remains behind at the end of the charger, serial number unique external pipe threaded fitting is provided with damper (not included in the pack..
Brand: ASG Model: 17398
The classic Colt 1911, under the name of STI Lawman, is a replica with CO2 functioning. Other important information: metallic slide, metallic stock, ABS plastic grips, on the bottom the stock is fitted with a ring for attaching the safety strap. Package contains: STI Lawman gun, hex wrench for mount..
Brand: ASG Model: 16722
The DUTY ONE is fully licensed by the famous high-end small arms manufacturer, STI International, based in Texas, USA. The pistol is semi-automatic and based on the classic model 1911 but STI has upgraded and changed the design and many of the functions. The frame has an integrated front waiver rail..
Brand: ASG Model: 15524
Co2 powered pistol with fixed Hop-up and lower weaver /picatinny rail for accessories. It has illuminated front and rear sights. The magazine holds 17 BB’s We recommend using BB's of 0,23g and 0,25g! See also: spare magazine (code: 15526).WARNING: the CO2 container will NOT be let in the maga..
Brand: ASG Model: 18610
DescriptionA powerful and compact member of the Dan Wesson family!  The 4” Dan Wesson 715 in Silver offers realistic shooting and handling in an easy to wield package. Featuring authentic markings and serial numbers stamped onto the frame, this revolver is a true 1:1 replica.  The fully li..
Brand: KSC Model: MK23-CO2
The MK23 SOCOM Pistol is no stranger to the airsoft world, as non-blowbacks, springers, and blowback versions were created by makes such as KWA, Tokyo Marui, and even Novritsch, arguably all iterations of the MK23 airsoft pistols were great, and this one from KSC is no exception. The H&K MK23 pi..
Brand: ASG Model: 17115
Impressive and elegant. This powerful 6” Chrome revolver licensed by Dan Wesson, draws attention and packs a big punch. It has authentic markings and a individual serial number stamped into the frame. The revolver features a double action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for extra realism ..
Brand: ASG Model: 17175
This 2.5” Black revolver licensed by Dan Wesson, offers realistic shooting fun in a handy size. It has authentic markings and a individual serial number stamped into the frame. The revolver features a double action trigger system and adjustable rear sight for extra realism and accuracy. The Dan We..
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