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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-V10
V10 ULTRA COMPACT GBBContents- 1 Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact- 1 magazine (22 bbs)- 1 User manual- 1 Cleaning rod- 1 Tokyo Marui BBs bag (0.20g/100 bbs)..
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Modernized RSV with excellent mobility, portability and expansionOriginal design for VSR-ONEBased on the extremely reliable VSR-10 mechanism, it is a modern model that incorporates a fashionable style with a high expansion capacity and improves operability and mobility.Major featuresModernized VSR-1..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1237
We've finally received the long awaited Tokyo Marui first LMG. There's a why if after 54 years of activity they produced only now a LMG. It had to be perfect....and IT IS!Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) Mk46 Mod.0 Light Machine Gun Next GenShoot & Recoil SystemAuto Stop SystemAdjustable Hop UpFull ..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1338
By operating the selector installed at the rear of the frame, you can switch between full and semi-auto with a single touch.High expandabilityBy installing an optional slide-integrated mount rail or under-mount rail, it is possible to install a silencer, dot sight, flashlight, etc.7.2V Micro 500 Bat..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-E04
USSOCOM (= US Special Operations Command) is known for demanding higher performance for guns used than any other unit in the world. The M4A1 carbine meets their needs.The M4A1 that we work with every day as their main weapon is also available in the next-generation electric gun. By using a lot of me..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1999
- Exclusive silencer included: Lightweight aluminum made exclusive silencer which is difficult to interfere with operation performance is attached. The internal sound absorbing sponge reduces the forward sound of the launch sound. In addition, in order to have enough durability to install the silenc..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 4952839142924
The Hi-Capa 5.1 is very an extremely capable and accurate pistol that makes it one of the most popular in Airsoft. It is hands-down the most reliable gas blowback pistol of all time - and there is good reason for that! It's no wonder that so many custom guns are based on the Hi Capa platform and mos..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1920
The 3rd generation TOKYO MARUI G19 GBB Pistol, also know as the GLOCK 19, it was a product of the 80's and was the pistol of choice for the Austrian Army.  It was later adopted by the Miami Police Department in '87, and the trend carried on with the NYPD using it as a service pistol in '89.The ..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-45
Package contains: replica, a bag of about 100 BB's, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using BB's of 0.20 g and gas 144A (code: A2) or Predator ( code : A1 ), because the use of a more powerful gas can damage the ABS plastic slide! See also: spare magazine (Code: TM-23). Product..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1715
A variation model of the "AK47", the "AKS47", is now available for the next-generation electric gun!As the model name "S" stands for "folding stock", the rotating folding stock that rotates downward from the receiver is reproduced. In addition, inheriting the auto stop system installed in the next-g..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1492
28 BBs magazine for MK23 SOCOM. Compatible with: MK23 SOCOM (item no:1446) Tokyo Marui...
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