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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-V10
V10 ULTRA COMPACT GBBContents- 1 Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact- 1 magazine (22 bbs)- 1 User manual- 1 Cleaning rod- 1 Tokyo Marui BBs bag (0.20g/100 bbs)..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1237
We've finally received the long awaited Tokyo Marui first LMG. There's a why if after 54 years of activity they produced only now a LMG. It had to be perfect....and IT IS!Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) Mk46 Mod.0 Light Machine Gun Next GenShoot & Recoil SystemAuto Stop SystemAdjustable Hop UpFull ..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1338
By operating the selector installed at the rear of the frame, you can switch between full and semi-auto with a single touch.High expandabilityBy installing an optional slide-integrated mount rail or under-mount rail, it is possible to install a silencer, dot sight, flashlight, etc.7.2V Micro 500 Bat..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1823
A pistol-style M4 Patriot HC with abandoned stock and a truncated barrel is now available as an electric gun high cycle custom!The compact and easy-to-manage M4 based body is equipped with rail hand guards that can be equipped with various optional parts and custom parts that improve operability. In..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-45
Package contains: replica, a bag of about 100 BB's, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using BB's of 0.20 g and gas 144A (code: A2) or Predator ( code : A1 ), because the use of a more powerful gas can damage the ABS plastic slide! See also: spare magazine (Code: TM-23). Product..
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Compact carrying pistol, with rounded shapeThe rounded shape fits the body, is discreet and will not embarrass you when worn. A compact carrying pistol with excellent privacy.Like the 4th pistol concealment of the Tokyo Marui, the characteristic details are fully reproduced! While it reproduces a ro..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1492
28 BBs magazine for MK23 SOCOM. Compatible with: MK23 SOCOM (item no:1446) Tokyo Marui...
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-12800
It is another big release from the fabulous airsoft company -- TOKYO MARUI. Running on METAL GEAR and using a 7.2V RECHARGEABLE BATTERY store in the fixed slide, this pistol can shoot on both full auto and semi auto modes. This baby is SUPER SOLID, RIGID, AND HEAVY. FULL METAL MAGAZINE can hold 40 r..
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The models produced by Tokyo Marui are known for reliability, quality and precision, but also for the attention to detail. The gun is made of ABS plastic making it easy to carry and handle. Hop-up adjusts easily from outside. Safety can be easily actioned using the thumb. The package contains:..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1987
Short storyThe M14 (officially named United States Rifle, 7.62mm, M14) is a selective fire battle rifle chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. It gradually replaced the Garand M1 as a service weapon first in the Army (replacement completed in 1961) and then in the Marine Corps (replacement complet..
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