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Brand: HELIKON Model: CZ-ACU-PR-14
ACU (Army Combat Uniform) refers to the fact that are made according to the U.S. Army specifications and is characterized by a high resistance to wear. The cap is made of 50% cotton and 50% nylon. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. The Ripstop sewings use a special consolidation technique (interw..
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Brand: CONDOR Model: TC-003
- 100% Cotton - Adjustable strap with buckle at the back - Velcro in the front for patches Universal size...
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Brand: HELIKON Model: KA-USM-PT-07
Military hat bearing the characteristic design and cut of the United States Marine Corps cap, delivered in USMC Digital Woodland. The hat features a wide brim, side vent grommets for ventilation and breathability and embroidered USMC logo on the front. It is dedicated for operations in forest and de..
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Brand: CONDOR Model: TCTM-009
- Genuine Digital Concealment Systems A-TACS AU - Front loop panel removed for easy embroidery - 1 x 1 loop panel on top for IR patch - 1"H x 4"W loop panel on the back for ID patch - Adjustable back strap w/ buckle on the back - ImportOne Size Fits All..
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Brand: HELIKON Model: CZ-DOK-FL-11
We have the honor to present you from HELIKON-TEX, the Classic Fleece Watch Cap for use in cold and freezing weather surroundings. Works nicely with combat helmets and other LE/Mil duty headgear.FEATURES:Material respirabilMaterial ușorOferă căldură imediatăGreutate 48 gMaterial 100% Poliester..
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Brand: HELIKON Model: CZ-BBV-PR-11
Adjustable baseball cap equipped with a set of soft Velcro panels for ID/morale patches and mesh for improved breathability. Intended for use in hot weather conditions. Mid-depth cut works with variety of LE/Mil headgear systems.Velcro panels dimensions:FRONT: 9 x 5 cmTOP: 6 x 5,5 cm..
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Brand: UF PRO Model: 5130020X
MATERIALSBlack, Brown Grey, Coyote Brown and SloCam:67% Polyester, 33% Cotton Ripstop fabricPenCott™ GreenZone and MultiCam®:50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop fabricFlecktarn:35% Polyester, 65% Cotton Ripstop fabric..
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Brand: HELIKON Model: CZ-BBC-PR-04
Introduced for general issue in mid-1990s, the Polish Woodland camouflage, also known as wz93 Pantera (Panther), and sometimes called the "presidential woodland", has been originally adapted by the Polish Special Forces unit GROM, before it became the standard issue camo for all branches of the Poli..
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Brand: HELIKON Model: KA-CPU-PR-14
Material 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester..
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Brand: HELIKON Model: KA-CPU-PR-11
Material 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester..
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Brand: MIL-TEC Model: 12318042
-Material: polyester 65%, cotton 35%. Material type: Ripstop. Adjustable circumference. Holes for scalp ventilation. Duck muzzle type visor. Camouflage: Woodland Vegetato Material Ripstop. The Ripstop sewing use a special consolidation technique which makes them tear and ripping resistant. These sup..
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