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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 4952839177360
Lantern Pro Light- intensify maximum: 200 lumens- switch ambidextrous- Uses a polycarbonate lens that protects the LED from the direct hit of BB bullets.- 20mm rail mounting- power supply: 1 AAA battery- length: 63 mm- weight: 25 grams- lighting modes: continuous light, flashing light and strobe..
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Brand: FENIX Model: TK25RB-1000
The Fenix TK25 R&B version flashlight features multi-colored LEDs built in an innovative mode switching operation.  This patent pending operation allows for the user to have two separate operating products in one compact flashlight.  With a simple twist of the head, the user can ..
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Brand: FENIX Model: F114
This is Fenix's entry into the rechargeable market and it's going to be hot! 380 Lumens and never worry about batteries again. Perfect for law enforcement, military, hunting...well just about anyone will want one of these. No more battery purchasing! The RC10 is a high-intensity rechargeable flashl..
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Brand: OLIGHT Model: 1350-200-BK
BALDR Pro R is the new flagship, rechargeable flashlight of the Baldr series.It boasts a white light of up to 1,350 lumens like the Baldr Pro, but also adds a GL beam for fast and accurate targeting. The GL beam emitter is integrated in the head of the flashlight. This design leaves room for the cha..
Ex Tax:225.87€
Brand: FENIX Model: RC20-1000
Description With tailored rechargeable Li-ion battery and standard USB charging cradle, Fenix RC20 simplifies the way of charging. Whether the charging cradle is fixed in the wall or placed in the car, you only need to plug into the flashlight. Moreover, the indicator light in the neck of the flash..
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Brand: FENIX Model: F284
Whether deep-sea exploration, hunting or observing underwater nightlife, the Fenix SD20 flashlight is built for all diving activities. Delivering a maximum output of 1000 lumens of white light and 105 lumens of red light, the SD20 is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries. With a twist of the f..
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Brand: FENIX Model: F206
Fenix TK35 XM-L2 U2 is a convenient extremely high intensity multifunctional flashlight. Using the Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, it has an output of 900 Lumens and a 380-meter long-throwing beam. It can deliver a significantly high output. Offering 4 brightness levels, two flashing modes, and hidden functions,..
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Brand: FENIX Model: SE10-100
Flashlight specificationsModel ATEX - SE10LED type: 1 * Create XP-E2 R3Maximum luminous flux: 100 lumensMaximum intensity: 6400 candlesBeam length: 160 metersMaximum autonomy: 770 minutesIntensity levels: 1 levelBattery type: 3 * AA (1.5V)Batteries Included: YesLength 177.5 mmWidth 53 mmHeight 51 mm..
Ex Tax:46.54€
Brand: FENIX Model: PD40-3000
DescriptionThe super bright Fenix PD40R is now USB rechargeable. Fitted with Cree XHP70 LED, it is powered by a 26650 rechargeable power battery, which activates the maximum output of 3000 lumens and extends the runtime dramatically. In addition, the flashlight features digitally regulated outpu..
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Brand: FENIX Model: F261
From the appearance, Fenix E15 (2016) is just a keychain-sized flashlight. While, its high performance will surely surprise you, the intelligent drive circuit boosts max 450 lumens from one 16340 Li-ion battery and also ensures the compatibility with the CR123A. With a twisty head switch, four outpu..
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Brand: FENIX Model: CL23R-300
Flashlight specificationsModel CL23LED type: Dual light source - white and redMaximum luminous flux: 300 lumensBeam length: 20 meters (diameter)Maximum autonomy: 21000 minutesIntensity levels: 5 levelsSignal types: 1 * Flashing redBattery type: 3 * AA batteriesBatteries Included: YesLength 55 mmWidt..
Ex Tax:49.94€
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