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Accessories RIS/RAS/SIR

Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-03-011
Compatible with models from: KSC, KWA...
Brand: ASG Model: 17386
Originally designed for the AR15 type Airsoft guns, this mounts on-top of the receiver rail and provides a 25mm (1 in.) higher rail for lifting any aiming devices like a red-dot sight higher, making it more comfortable for shooters wearing full face masks. It is perfectly centered on the top rail an..
Brand: ASG Model: 16347
Rail mount for AK style airsoft guns, it attaches to the side-bracket on Dragunov SVD, and SLR105 and other models. And provides a standard 21mm rail for mounting scopes or Dot-sights. Compatible with: PL Dragunov SVD (code: 16355), PL SLR 105 A1 (code: CA014M), FULL METAL AK AIMS (code: 120922); AK..
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