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External parts

Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-10-025
Kit includes: lever, spring, magazine catch button + screw...
Ex Tax:18.63€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: NGM4-20
Spring, spare part no. NGM4-20 for M4 SOPMOD...
Ex Tax:14.77€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: NGM4-19
Spare part No. NGM4-19 for M4 SOPMOD...
Ex Tax:14.77€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: NGM4-17
Charging handle, spare part no. NGM4-17 for M4 SOPMOD...
Ex Tax:22.04€
Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-03-068-1
Pistol grip for the M5/M15 series - desert...
Ex Tax:28.17€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 416-32
Spare part No. 416-32. Compatible with HK 416 D by Tokyo Marui...
Ex Tax:9.54€
Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 17160
AK series replacement and spare parts set. Contains the internal components for the selector and safety lever: levers, bushings, and the screws necessary to mount the fire selector on the weapon...
Ex Tax:21.58€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: SCAR-3
Spare part no. SCAR-3 for SCAR-L by Tokyo Marui...
Ex Tax:4.32€
Brand: LAYLAX Model: 4560282765425
This trigger lock pin has Allen Key screws in both parts and is compatible with the following modells: M4A1 CARBINE/ M4 SOPMOD / M4 CQBR NGRS from Tokyo Marui.Lenght: 25,85 mm.Diameter: 4,12 mm...
Ex Tax:8.63€
Brand: MAXX MODEL PRODUCTS Model: MXM-08-027731
Material: Titanium + aluminum 6061Weight: 5 g..
Ex Tax:28.40€
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