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Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 17164
Gear set Helical - Extreme Torque up. Their use is recommended for upgrades that utilize springs of 150-190 m/s...
Ex Tax:113.37€
Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 16594
ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series gear set with original gear ratio of 19:1 for 90-130 m/s springsMaterial of the highest quality increases gear durability with as much as 35%. The design and construction of each gear is engineered to highest performance...
Ex Tax:47.71€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1060
Bevel gear for UZI (Tokyo Marui)...
Ex Tax:14.09€
Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-10-108
Set angrenaje din otel 12:1..
Ex Tax:64.75€
Brand: TORNADO Model: TOR-08-017109-00
Purpose: Gearbox V2 / V3Ratio: 12Material: Stainless Steel..
Ex Tax:35.22€
Brand: PROMETHEUS Model: 4571443159816
●Higher Semi-Auto response! ●Wide Compatibility with various Models! ●Cleared the 30,000 round durability performance test! PROETHEUS Gear set for standard AEG Gear Box. LayLax has redesigned and improved upon the previous designs of Prometheus gear sets. The shape and dimensions have been fin..
Ex Tax:96.56€
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