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The G&G Full Metal GC16 M4 Raider Long HT AEG Airsoft Gun is essentially a more advanced version of G&G's ever-popular Combat Machine Polymer RIS series. The first difference the user will notice when they pick up the GC16 is its full metal body. This gives the gun a surprisingly realistic weight an..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1504
The real steel Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) is a modular rifle made for the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as one of the proposed projects to satisfy the requirements of a competition to find a new rifle. This family of rifles consist of two main types, the SCAR-L (light) is chamber..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1063
Other important information: metal magazine, functional charging handle for the access to the hop-up mechanism. Package contents: gun, magazine, a bag of about 100 BB's, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using 0.20 g BB's and buying a high quality battery and battery charger. WA..
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Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: TGR-016-CW-CAN
Other important information: the gun has blow-back system, 8mm ball bearings, aluminium piston head, silver plated electrical wiring and Motor 16000 rpm Hi-Torque Long Axis. The weapon is fitted in the front with 20 mm rails on all four sides, enabling mounting of optics. The body, silencer and the ..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1443
The Real steel most notably has a new gas operating system from the G36. Customers have the option of purchasing a new upper receiver, buffer and drive spring to refurbish M4s or buying a completely new and complete HK416.The HK416D includes international symbols for Safe, Semi-Automatic, and Fu..
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Brand: ASG Model: 15909
The A2 version of the Steyr AUG is the updated version of the AUG series (Armee Universal Gewehr) licensed by Steyr Mannlicher, Austria. On the A2 you get an accessory rail where you can mount your preferred aiming device. Like on the A1 version the front grip is collapsible and the internals are me..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1496
P90 is The Project P90 AEG made available by Tokyo Marui as one of the Best Seller. Unlike M16 or MP5 series, there is no other choice for getting a P90 AEG other than Tokyo Marui. With its top quality and lots of realistic features, it suit for your next AEG purchase. Utilizing Marui's latest ver..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1505
With a foldable stock, the AKS74N is a variation of the AK74 base that enhances the portability of units that require maneuverability and mobility in limited locations and is equipped with a side mount base for night vision.The next-generation electric gun AKS74N uses a wood-type hand guard on a met..
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Brand: ASG Model: 15910
Semi- and full-automatic electric assault rifle – the SLV36 offers many different configurations to suit your gaming needs. This compact Sportline model offers a long top picatinny rail to mount scopes or dot sights if you feel like adding to the standard iron sights. Other important information:..
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Brand: ASG Model: 15912
Say the word MP5 and most people know what you are talking about. This is a true classic used by law enforcement and and seen in cinemas all over the world. This Sportline version is the A5 with a retractable stock licensed by the Swiss manufacturer of the real MP5, Brügger & Thomet. The Sport..
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With the Recon Metal Series, Evolution has created a perfect middle class in the airsoft sector. The body of the weapon is made entirely of metal.Hereby, the Italian company clearly aims at the market of customers who are looking for a reliable weapon in a reasonable price-performance ratio.In addit..
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Brand: ICS Model: 19208
DescriptionThe HERA ARMS CQR is a joint partnership project by ActionSportGames and ICS Airsoft. The Airsoft rifle is designed and developed using original blueprints and drawings provided by HERA Arms, and also features components custom made for Airsoft by HERA ARMS. The project is built on the IC..
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