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Flash Hiders/Silencers

Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 4952839149596
Lightweight aluminum silencer that supports muzzle of 16mm positive screw and does not interfere with operating performance..
Ex Tax:45.17€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1585
Silencer "PRO SILENCER" model with 14 mm thread CCW. Compatible with all the models that have a 14 mm thead (AK47, M15/M16, M4A1, M16A1, SIG 552, P90,MP5)...
Ex Tax:67.87€
Brand: ASG Model: 18175
This stock adaptor allows the mounting of an M4 push-on tube and will accommodate most M4/M16 stocks currently produced. It provides a unique way of customizing The EVO 3 A1, while still retaining the ability to fold to the side for transportation or operations in confined spaces. The mounting brack..
Ex Tax:73.78€
Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-01-029
Equipped with a 14mm internal thread (clockwise)...
Ex Tax:20.20€
Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: G-01-025
Equipped with a 14mm internal thread (clockwise)...
Ex Tax:20.20€
Brand: ASG Model: 17863
This is an original accessory supplied to ASG from CZ. This original flash hider is made from steel, intended for the hard core mil-sim player or collector. - Made from steel - Original CZ part..
Ex Tax:22.47€
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1522
Muzzle Velocity Reduction Adaptor. It reduces the velocity with 40-50%. Equipped with 14 mm internal thread (threaded to the left - CCW). The set has also 4 plastic rings of different colours (white, yellow, red, blue) to mark the muzzle velocity...
Ex Tax:21.11€
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