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Electric SMGs

Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: TGR-016-CW-CAN
Other important information: the gun has blow-back system, 8mm ball bearings, aluminium piston head, silver plated electrical wiring and Motor 16000 rpm Hi-Torque Long Axis. The weapon is fitted in the front with 20 mm rails on all four sides, enabling mounting of optics. The body, silencer and the ..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: P90-PLUS
TOKYO MARUI P90 PLUS - AEG FET SYSTEMTokyo Marui's P90+ or P90 Plus is a much-anticipated, necessary upgrade to the original P90 that came out nearly two decades ago. The replica itself looks almost the same. like the original P90, but this one has some major changes. First of all, the quality of th..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1613
The MP5 series has a wide variety of variations and is adopted by public institutions around the world. Among them, the smallest model MP5K A4 named "K" of "Kurz" which means "short" in German has been given a high cycle custom of 25 shots per second.By adding the rage of fire to the mobility of MP5..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: TM-MAC10
The MAC 10 is here, and it's a cool looking piece of kit. The gun comes packaged along with a silencer, hand strap, metal magazine and manual. With the silencer attached and stock fully extended, it's surprisingly long although not a particularly heavy gun. The metal parts on this gun include: muzzl..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1608
The AKS74U, which can be said to be a Soviet / Russian design of the 1970s, has a lineup of next-generation electric guns with a warm accent of wooden hand guards and resin magazines, even in the profound feeling created by the metal frame and parts. .. Using die-cast material for each part, it not ..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1063
Other important information: metal magazine, functional charging handle for the access to the hop-up mechanism. Package contents: gun, magazine, a bag of about 100 BB's, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using 0.20 g BB's and buying a high quality battery and battery charger. WA..
Brand: ASG Model: 16529
Ceská Zbrojovka, better known as CZ, has created this classic submachine gun – the Scorpion Vz61. This is a semi- and full-automatic electric version licensed by CZ. An Ultra compact gun and an excellent choice as a backup weapon. The Scorpion has adjustable Hop-Up and comes with foldable stock a..
Brand: ASG Model: 15912
Say the word MP5 and most people know what you are talking about. This is a true classic used by law enforcement and and seen in cinemas all over the world. This Sportline version is the A5 with a retractable stock licensed by the Swiss manufacturer of the real MP5, Brügger & Thomet. The Sport..
Brand: ASG Model: 17831
The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible. Like a real gun, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and require activation of the bolt catch after a reloaded..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1496
P90 is The Project P90 AEG made available by Tokyo Marui as one of the Best Seller. Unlike M16 or MP5 series, there is no other choice for getting a P90 AEG other than Tokyo Marui. With its top quality and lots of realistic features, it suit for your next AEG purchase. Utilizing Marui's latest ver..
MP5 SD6 Recoil Shock - Equipped with recoil mechanism, automatic stop system when the magazine is empty and bolt release mechanism for automatic stop. It is a model that follows the reality of operation and operability.Ambidextrous selector with 3 trading modes: semi, full-auto and burst (burst of 3..
Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1091
Info.importante: workable for armed lever. access the hop-up device. Only product based on preorder! We recommend using 0.20 g bb's and buy a battery and a power supply. WARNING! To use battery power supply you need voltage converter from 110 V power supply is fed as at present to 220 V. package doe..
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