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Electric SMGs

Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1063
Other important information: metal magazine, functional charging handle for the access to the hop-up mechanism. Package contents: gun, magazine, a bag of about 100 BB's, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using 0.20 g BB's and buying a high quality battery and battery charger. WA..
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Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: TGR-016-CW-CAN
Other important information: the gun has blow-back system, 8mm ball bearings, aluminium piston head, silver plated electrical wiring and Motor 16000 rpm Hi-Torque Long Axis. The weapon is fitted in the front with 20 mm rails on all four sides, enabling mounting of optics. The body, silencer and the ..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1496
P90 is The Project P90 AEG made available by Tokyo Marui as one of the Best Seller. Unlike M16 or MP5 series, there is no other choice for getting a P90 AEG other than Tokyo Marui. With its top quality and lots of realistic features, it suit for your next AEG purchase. Utilizing Marui's latest ver..
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1823
A pistol-style M4 Patriot HC with abandoned stock and a truncated barrel is now available as an electric gun high cycle custom!The compact and easy-to-manage M4 based body is equipped with rail hand guards that can be equipped with various optional parts and custom parts that improve operability. In..
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Brand: ASG Model: 15912
Say the word MP5 and most people know what you are talking about. This is a true classic used by law enforcement and and seen in cinemas all over the world. This Sportline version is the A5 with a retractable stock licensed by the Swiss manufacturer of the real MP5, Brügger & Thomet. The Sport..
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Brand: ASG Model: 15910
Semi- and full-automatic electric assault rifle – the SLV36 offers many different configurations to suit your gaming needs. This compact Sportline model offers a long top picatinny rail to mount scopes or dot sights if you feel like adding to the standard iron sights. Other important information:..
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Brand: ASG Model: 17831
The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible. Like a real gun, the EVO 3 will stop firing when its magazine runs empty, and require activation of the bolt catch after a reloaded..
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MP5 SD6 Recoil Shock - Equipped with recoil mechanism, automatic stop system when the magazine is empty and bolt release mechanism for automatic stop. It is a model that follows the reality of operation and operability.Ambidextrous selector with 3 trading modes: semi, full-auto and burst (burst of 3..
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Brand: KSC Model: ORQ-MOD1
You know that moment when you say "Here, this is my last replica, I will not buy any other airsoft gun?" Last words we said too Before seeing the new QRF mod. 1 AEG from KSC made in Japan. A beautiful model, with an all-metal structure that incorporates tactical features, compactness and an excellen..
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Tokyo Marui G3 SAS Tokyo Marui G3 SAS
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 603
The smallest and lightest model in the G3 series with excellent mobilityTokyo Marui's G3 SAS is a model that emphasizes practicality in survival games, with compactness that is excellent in mobility and portability, and expandability of various options.A bold image of H & K's prototype model, wh..
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H & K MP7 A1 H & K MP7 A1
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Brand: TOKYO MARUI Model: 1091
Info.importante: workable for armed lever. access the hop-up device. Only product based on preorder! We recommend using 0.20 g bb's and buy a battery and a power supply. WARNING! To use battery power supply you need voltage converter from 110 V power supply is fed as at present to 220 V. package doe..
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Brand: G&G ARMAMENT Model: EGR-016-CW-CAN
Other important information: 8 mm ball bearings and motor 16000 rpm Hi-Torque Long Axis and unique serial number.Gear Box Version II.Package includes: gun GR16 CRW CANNON, magazine, cleaning rod and instructions manual. We recommend using BB's of 0.20 g and 0.23 g and buying a high qualit..
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