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Accessories for HPA

Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: WRT-CA-005-AEG
FeaturesIncludes everything required to use 12g, 33g CO2 cartridges or standard HPA tanks.Rapidly change 12g CO2 cartridges with 2-start threaded cap featuring magnetic cartridge extractor.Maximize your CO2 consistency with 2X larger expansion chamber.Built-in STORM Category 5 regulator for uncompro..
Ex Tax:382.50€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: AST-CA-002-PDW
Using the technology of our WRAITH AERO, we have designed a PDW type stock option for the MTW. This uses the same Storm Regulator system as the standard Aero, but is structured differently. Standard 13cu/in tanks will not fit with this version of the stock, it is designed to use either the 12g CO2 a..
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Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: WRT-A-009
FeaturesAluminum constructionCompatible with all Wolverine Airsoft HPA enginesConvert your 12g CO2 stock or adapter into a 33g stock or adapterGet almost 3 times the shots per cartridge with the 33g EditionDirect factory drop-in upgrade..
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Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: WRT-CA-001
The Wolverine Airsoft Wraith: CO2 Stock gives you the great performance of HPA without the line. Perhaps the biggest resistance to HPA that we have heard from people is that they do not want to carry around a tank or have a line coming out of their gun. The Wraith: CO2 stock eliminates both of those..
Ex Tax:326.88€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: MTW-A-480-SKU
Replacement 8.5″ wire harness to connect the MTW Forged Trigger Board Assembly to the Premium GEN 2 FCU...
Ex Tax:34.05€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: RPR-A-003
  Recommended for 509mm (inner barrel length) or longer...
Ex Tax:8.85€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: BLT-A-001
The BOLT High Pressure Kit is designed to increase your air efficiency with the BOLT when running at higher pressure. It is not intended to increase fps or range, but to save air. *Only compatible with the standard Bolt, not the Bolt M. Includes: Red High Pressure SpringTuning Shim x3..
Ex Tax:32.92€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: MTW-A-102-STND
Replacement Selector Switch for the MTW...
Ex Tax:21.57€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: STM-M-012-SKU
Replacement Spanner Wrench for your Wolverine Airsoft STORM InGRIP...
Ex Tax:40.86€
Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: WRT-A-003
This is for WRAITH CO2 Stocks and WRAITH: CO2 Adapters. Includes hook wrench for servicing seat and o-ring seals...
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Brand: Wolverine Airsoft Model: STM-CA-006-SKU
The STORM Category 5 is the next evolution of the STORM regulator, the original dedicated airsoft regulator. The Category 5 is optimized for reliably fast, adaptable, and consistent performance across the entire pressure range needed for HPA products. Get the most out of your Wolverine Airsoft HPA s..
Ex Tax:191.82€
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