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Spring guide

Brand: ASG Model: 18163
Upgraded spring guide for the EVO 3A1. This upgraded spring guide has a core of high-tension steel, making it capable of handling any power spring one could wish to install in the EVO. The outer part of the guide rod has a free rotating sleeve made in POM polymer, which protects the spring from un..
Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 18540
Spring guide for version 2 gearbox ULTIMATE® spring guides have steel bearings and a rotatable guide. This minimizes friction when the spring is compressed – effecting the rate of fire (ROF).For in-depth information on ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series, see catalogue...
Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 16613
Airsoft players have always looked for new ways to improve performance replica guns. The launching of the ULTIMATE Upgrade Series by ASG offers enthusiasts the opportunity to access a range of high quality upgrade parts. All springs, with exception of the M100 spring (16669) are chromium plated whic..
Brand: ULTIMATE Model: 16614
Spring guide with bearing for version 6/7 (M14). Material used: metal...
Brand: RETRO ARMS Model: 6493
Custom spring guide for gearboxes od M249 airsoft guns. It is made at CNC machining center out of EN AW 7075 aluminium. Spring guide is equipped wit axial bearing which avoids spring distorting.Spring is decoratively anodized...
Brand: PROMETHEUS Model: 4582109589229
EG Spring Guide Smoother  ●Steel build ●Ball-bearing Base ●Reduced torsion wear ●Increased spring life The Prometheus EG Spring guide improves an essential gearbox part responsible for keeping the gear train continuously performing. The ball-bearing base allows the spring to freely twist ..
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