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Brand: STRIKE SYSTEMS Model: 18046
Protection with an attitude!This metal-grid mask with a skull print, covers the lower face and features fully adjustable upper and lower elastic straps as well as rear retention web insert, that keeps the straps in place on the head. The mask follows the contours of the face and allows easy shoulder..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: 302
DescriptionFrameWith the Saber Advanced you get endless functionality and durability. Choose between temples or an elastic headband depending on the activity you engage in, and do so in comfort with the 360˚ Nosepiece that can be adapted to all nose sizes and shapes. 5 different colored lenses are a..
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Brand: STRIKE SYSTEMS Model: 19216
Very similar to our ‘Metal mesh mask with cheek pads’ this mask features a mesh cup on the cheek pad to cover and protect the ear. The mesh allows for less muffled sounds and better headset compatibility. The mask still offers superior comfort and protection. This combo nylon/metal grid mask co..
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Ballistic helmet model FAST.Technical specifications:- Headphone model / shape: Fast- Main material: Aramid fibers- Available sizes: S, M, L- Net weight: 1600 g- Ballistic protection: exceeds the protection standard NIJ 0101.06 IIIA .44MAG, superior to SRC5 level and SMT40305 standard - 2005- P..
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Brand: MECHANIX Model: 18254X
Rain, sleet or snow, ¦when the temperature drops, reach for the Winter Impact Pro. Comfortable micro-fleece lines the entire glove and C40 3M Thinsulate traps warm air to help regulate your body temperature in the bitter cold. A Hipora® waterproof liner keeps your hands dry and provides critical win..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: TLRX
Please note that this insert only fits VAPOR 2.5 mm. lens model.If using the TLRX in the WX SPEAR Goggle make sure you have the Post #SP29PSTTL or buy the combined set #SP29XTL...
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Brand: Wiley X Model: SP29RAST
The Wiley X Rail Attachment System (RAS) has been designed to be compatible and securely attached to the Accessory Rail Connectors (ARC) with tactical headphones.The RAS system offers an alternative to the classic spectacle band and is easy to mount on the Wiley X goggles frame with the included RAS..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: 306S
LensAbsorbs all colours equally which preserves the same colour perception as without sunglasses. Perfect in bright light conditions.  Maximum glare reduction. The polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and the surface is protected by scratch resistant layers. Blocks 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA a..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: 306C
Transparent lenses for WileyX Saber Advanced glasses.Maximum light transmission.Accurate color visualization.Fog conditions or cloudy weather, sunrise / sunset.Degree of light transmission: 89%.Lens thickness: edge 2.1mm, middle area 2.9mm..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: WY-SP293DLB
DescriptionFrameBallistic goggle with a black frame. The tactical strap has Tri-Glide™ System to adjust length and quick release key connections. The WX Dual Lens System consists of a two-layer lens which separate the temperature difference from the air on the inside and the outside of the lens, whi..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: G700
The WX DURTAC with advanced SmartTouch technology is a flame-resistant tactical glove designed to protect the hands of military and SWAT team members during forcible entry and high-risk operations. A one-piece knuckle guard molded with dense thermoplastic protects the back of the hand and the palm p..
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Brand: Wiley X Model: SP293T
When creating SPEAR, we took the traditional goggle format and added purpose-driven features to maximize comfort and protection. It has a SPEAR Elastic Strap with Tri-Glide™ System to adjust length and quick release key connections; it is compatible with the Wiley X ARC Rail Attachment System (RAS),..
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